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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is a country of castles and fortresses, located in Central Europe. This state is known for its thousand-year history, medieval architecture, magnificent castles and royal fortresses, scenic beauty and rich traditions. Cosy quiet streets with colourful houses and old churches with sharp spires create an amazing atmosphere in Czech cities. This romantic country has gained its fame not only due to high mountain ranges, dense forests and clear rivers, but also due to its mineral and thermal springs, therapeutic mud baths and lakes.


Since ancient times, the territory of the Czech Republic has been surrounded by powerful states that led to appearing of feudal estates. In the 14th century, in the mountains strict fortifications and royal castles, surrounded by water and forests, were built in order to show majesty of their owners. Over 2.000 castles and fortresses have been preserved in the Czech Republic, therefore today offering you an opportunity to become a thing of the past. One of the most beautiful and ornate castles is Karlstejn. Gothic Konopiste Castle, where a huge collection of hunting weapons and a variety of trophies are kept, is interesting as well. Beautiful garden with roses is a great decoration of this at first sight impregnable fortress. Melnik Castle is surrounded by endless vineyards and has got unique national colour. The best wine in the country famous far beyond the Czech Republic is made in Melnik town. Romantic Hluboka Castle painted white and surrounded by a very beautiful park towers over the Vltava River. Here you will find rare specimens of ancient weapons, unique paintings, expensive furniture and fine Dutch tapestries. At the mouth of the Sasava River, ancient Sternberk Castle is located, which gained its fame due to mouldings and engravings of the 17th century.


The Czech Republic is famous not only for the castles, but also for its unique architecture, which represents features of different historical periods from the Roman era till the present day. Different nations and civilizations have made significant contributions to the history and culture of the Czech Republic, so today on the streets of Czech towns and cities you can notice buildings designed in the Gothic, Rococo and Baroque styles.


There is no doubt, that Prague, a Czech capital, is the country’s gem. This one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe is located on the banks of the Vltava River. The two banks of the river are connected by eighteen unique stone bridges, and the most beautiful of them is Charles Bridge built in the Middle Ages. According to historical records, in 850 AD on the site of modern Prague was a small town, for the protection of which Prague Castle was built. This castle used to be the residence of Czech princes, kings, and emperors of the Roman Empire. Today, Prague Castle is one of the largest majestic castles of the world, so be sure to visit it. St Vitus Cathedral built during six hundred years, has gained worldwide fame. In addition, Prague is rich in wonderful fountains being the city’s feature.


Prague hosts numerous international music festivals, such as Prague Autumn Festival and Prague Spring Festival, as well as Prague International Organ Festival named after Mozart. It is well known the Czechs have always been fond of classical music. In Prague, there are famous concert halls, where classical music concerts take place.


The country’s heritage is the amazing in its diversity and beauty landscape. Dense forests, mountains and swift rivers change into broad valleys with picturesque lakes. Numerous cave labyrinths with large rooms connected by underground rivers attract tourists from all over the world. Northern part of the country is very beautiful, specially due to its famous nature Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The place is interesting for those to be fond of outdoor activities. There is everything you need for climbing, cycling, downhill kayaking and horseback riding in this picturesque region.


You’ll be surprised with unique underground caves of the Czech Republic, where about 2.000 these nature creations are located. The most famous of them are Konepruske and Sloupsko-Sosuvske caves. Moravian Karst Nature Reserve is quite interesting, as Macocha Abyss of 138 metres deep, considered the largest in Central Europe, is located on its territory.


The Czech Republic is attractive in any seasons; however it is especially beautiful in winter – the time you can feel fairy-tale atmosphere in the air, and white fluffy snow on towers, churches and roofs of Czech houses completes this beauty. Snowy slopes being a great place to ski give the country some charm. The best months for skiing are considered January and February, when the average temperature is about –5°C. The most visited winter resorts are Harrachov, Bozi Dar, Hruby JesenikPec pod Snezkou, Spindleruv Mlyn and Krkonose.


Health resorts of the Czech Republic make this country very popular. Legendary healing springs located in the mountain valleys had long been a favourite place of Czech aristocrats. Today Karlovy Vary and Marienbad attract tourists from all over the world. Local clean air and peacefulness of the nature have beneficial effects on human health.


Beer brewed according to traditional recipes has become the national drink of the Czech Republic. Since the 11th century beer traditions have been carefully kept by the Czechs. Initially beer was brewed only by monks, later they trusted nobles, knights and burghers with their brewing secrets. In the 13th century many breweries appeared on the country’s territory. And today, this drink can surprise you with its unique taste and aroma. The Czechs believe their beer is even healthier than mineral water. You can sample this drink almost everywhere.


The Czech Republic captivates and charms with its romantic mountain peaks, mysterious caves, medieval castles and royal fortresses, old churches and narrow quiet streets of Czech towns. Come to the Czech Republic and experience its fantastic atmosphere!

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