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Český Šternberk Castle

Český Šternberk Castle

In the heart of the Czech Republic at the majestic rock fortress, built back in 1241. This castle Cesky Shternbek, which is a very significant architectural monument of the country, it is called the pearl river valley Sazava. 

Since its foundation degrees belonged to only one genus - Divishovtsev. In our own days, the fortress is a descendant of Šternberk. The new name for the genus entrenched because of the name of the castle. 

Fortress walls have witnessed many events. In 14-15 centuries the castle on a rock surrounded by towers, is a powerful defensive fortification. Under the influence of architectural styles from different eras majestic castle several times changed its appearance. In the early 20th century, the fortress was rebuilt in the style of romanticism, while construction was around a park. 

In 1949 the castle was nationalized and a few decades later was returned to the owner's son last Zdenek von Sternberg, who now lives in the castle with his family. 

Nowadays Cesky Sternberg is a popular attraction, throughout the year there are tours. Sometimes excursion group meets the owner of the castle and gives guests their own time, telling about the history of the ancestral castle. 

In the halls of the castle you can see a large collection of engravings of the 17th century, a collection of vintage watches and historical weapons, as well as paintings by Dutch and Italian artists. Facilities illuminate 300-pound crystal chandelier 18th century. Rich interior castle rooms in fifteen paintings and moldings complement the books, silverware, antique furniture, porcelain, trophies and many other valuable items. 

Besides the incredible beauty and luxury castle walls keep the ancient legend about the treasures kept a mystery in the fortress. Untold riches still have not found his master. 


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